Using the preinstalled C++ Analyzer

Precompiled binaries of the latest version of the Analyzer are currently installed on the Hall A counting house analysis machines (adaql4-8). To run the Analyzer, log into any standard account on these computers, for example as adaq, and type
  % analyzer
As installed, the Analyzer uses the default database in the location pointed to by the environment variable DB_DIR. The Hall A staff makes an effort to keep this database reasonably up-to-date for completed experiments. If you wish to analyze older data, the default database might be a good starting point. However, if you wish to use a customized set of database files specific to your experiment (usually the case for the current experiment), you will need to re-define DB_DIR to point to the location of that database before starting the Analyzer. The organization of the database is explained here.

The pre-installed analyzer may not work in certain accounts if the PATH and/or LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables have been changed from the system defaults. If this is the case, you should correct the login script(s) of the problematic account. To restore the system defaults, you may execute one of the following commands: For csh/tcsh shells:

  % source /adaqfs/apps/env/login.adaq
For bash shells:
  % source /adaqfs/apps/env/profile.adaq

Ole Hansen <>
Last modified: Thu Apr 15 10:32:01 EDT 2004