#ifndef ROOT_THaFormula
#define ROOT_THaFormula

//                                                                      //
// THaFormula                                                           //
//                                                                      //

#include "TFormula.h"
#include "THaGlobals.h"
#include "RVersion.h"

class THaVarList;
class THaCutList;
class THaVar;

class THaFormula : public TFormula {

  static const Option_t* const kPRINTFULL;
  static const Option_t* const kPRINTBRIEF;

  THaFormula() : TFormula(), fNcodes(0), fVarDef(NULL), fVarList(NULL), 
    fCutList(NULL), fError(kFALSE), fRegister(kTRUE) {}
  THaFormula( const char* name, const char* formula, 
	      const THaVarList* vlst=gHaVars, const THaCutList* clst=gHaCuts );
  THaFormula( const THaFormula& rhs );
  THaFormula& operator=( const THaFormula& rhs );
  virtual             ~THaFormula();
  virtual Int_t       Compile( const char* expression="" );
  virtual char*       DefinedString( Int_t i );
  virtual Double_t    DefinedValue( Int_t i );
#if ROOT_VERSION_CODE >= 262144 // 4.00/00
  virtual Int_t       DefinedVariable( TString& variable, Int_t& action );
  virtual Int_t       DefinedVariable( TString& variable );
  virtual Int_t       DefinedCut( const TString& variable );
  virtual Int_t       DefinedGlobalVariable( const TString& variable );
  virtual Double_t    Eval();
#if ROOT_VERSION_CODE > 262660 // 4.02/04  Dumb rootcint chokes on ROOT_VERSION macro
  // The ROOT team strikes again - this one is really BAD
  virtual Double_t    Eval( Double_t /*x*/, Double_t /*y*/=0.0, 
			    Double_t /*z*/=0.0, Double_t /*t*/=0.0 ) const
    // hack this-pointer to be non-const - courtesy of ROOT team
  { return const_cast<THaFormula*>(this)->Eval(); }
#if ROOT_VERSION_CODE >= 197632 // 3.04/00
  virtual Double_t    Eval( Double_t /*x*/, Double_t /*y*/=0.0,
			    Double_t /*z*/=0.0, Double_t /*t*/=0.0 ) 
    virtual Double_t    Eval( Double_t /*x*/, Double_t /*y*/=0.0,
			      Double_t /*z*/=0.0 )
  { return Eval(); }
          Bool_t      IsError() const { return fError; }
#if ROOT_VERSION_CODE >= 197895 // 3.05/07
#if ROOT_VERSION_CODE >= 331776 // 5.16/00
  virtual TString     GetExpFormula( Option_t* opt="" ) const;
  virtual TString     GetExpFormula() const;
  virtual void        Print( Option_t* option="" ) const; // *MENU*
          void        SetList( const THaVarList* lst )    { fVarList = lst; }
          void        SetCutList( const THaCutList* lst ) { fCutList = lst; }


  enum { kMAXCODES = kMAXFOUND }; //Max. number of global variables per formula
  enum EVariableType { kUndefined, kVariable, kCut, kString };

  struct FVarDef_t;
  friend struct FVarDef_t;
  struct FVarDef_t {
    EVariableType type;                //Type of variable in the formula
    const void*   code;                //Pointer to the variable
    Int_t         index;               //Linear index into array variable (0=scalar)
  Int_t             fNcodes;           //Number of global variables referenced in formula
  FVarDef_t*        fVarDef;           //Array of variable definitions
  const THaVarList* fVarList;          //Pointer to list of variables
  const THaCutList* fCutList;          //Pointer to list of cuts
  Bool_t            fError;            //Flag indicating error in expression
  Bool_t            fRegister;         //If true, register this formula in ROOT's global list

  virtual Bool_t IsString( Int_t oper ) const;

  ClassDef(THaFormula,0)  //Formula defined on list of variables


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