#ifndef ROOT_THaHRS
#define ROOT_THaHRS


#include "THaSpectrometer.h"

class THaScintillator;

class THaHRS : public THaSpectrometer {
  THaHRS( const char* name, const char* description );
  virtual ~THaHRS();

  virtual Int_t   FindVertices( TClonesArray& tracks );
  virtual Int_t   TrackCalc();
  virtual Int_t   TrackTimes( TClonesArray* tracks );

  Bool_t SetTrSorting( Bool_t set = kFALSE );
  Bool_t GetTrSorting() const;
  THaScintillator *sc_ref;  // calculate time track hits this plane

  // Flag for fProperties indicating that tracks are to be sorted by chi2
  static const UInt_t kSortTracks = BIT(16);

  ClassDef(THaHRS,0) //A Hall A High Resolution Spectrometer


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