#ifndef ROOT_THaPidDetector
#define ROOT_THaPidDetector

// THaPidDetector.h
// Abstract base class for a generic spectrometer detector capable of
// particle identification.
// This is a special THaNonTrackingDetector that is capable of
// providing particle identification information.  Typical examples are
// Cherenkov detectors and shower counters.

#include "THaNonTrackingDetector.h"

class THaPidDetector : public THaNonTrackingDetector {
  virtual ~THaPidDetector();
          Bool_t   IsPid() { return kTRUE; }


  //Only derived classes may construct me

  THaPidDetector( const char* name, const char* description,
		  THaApparatus* a = NULL );

  ClassDef(THaPidDetector,0)  //ABC for a PID detector


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