#ifndef ROOT_THaRunBase
#define ROOT_THaRunBase

// THaRunBase

#include "TNamed.h"
#include "TDatime.h"

class THaRunParameters;
class THaEvData;

class THaRunBase : public TNamed {
  THaRunBase( const char* description="" );
  THaRunBase( const THaRunBase& run );
  virtual THaRunBase& operator=( const THaRunBase& rhs );
  virtual ~THaRunBase();
  virtual bool operator==( const THaRunBase& ) const;
  virtual bool operator!=( const THaRunBase& ) const;
  virtual bool operator< ( const THaRunBase& ) const;
  virtual bool operator> ( const THaRunBase& ) const;
  virtual bool operator<=( const THaRunBase& ) const;
  virtual bool operator>=( const THaRunBase& ) const;

  // Main functions
  virtual const Int_t* GetEvBuffer() const = 0;
  virtual Int_t        Init();
  virtual Int_t        Open() = 0;
  virtual Int_t        ReadEvent() = 0;
  virtual Int_t        Close() = 0;

  // Auxiliary functions
  virtual void         Clear( Option_t* opt="" );
  virtual void         ClearDate();
          void         ClearEventRange();
  virtual Int_t        Compare( const TObject* obj ) const;
          Bool_t       DBRead()         const { return fDBRead; }
          void         IncrNumAnalyzed( Int_t n=1 ) { fNumAnalyzed += n; }
  const TDatime&       GetDate()        const { return fDate; }
          UInt_t       GetNumAnalyzed() const { return fNumAnalyzed; }
          Int_t        GetNumber()      const { return fNumber; }
          Int_t        GetType()        const { return fType; }
          UInt_t       GetFirstEvent()  const { return fEvtRange[0]; }
          UInt_t       GetLastEvent()   const { return fEvtRange[1]; }
  THaRunParameters*    GetParameters()  const { return fParam; }
  virtual Bool_t       HasInfo( UInt_t bits ) const;
  virtual Bool_t       HasInfoRead( UInt_t bits ) const;
          Bool_t       IsInit()         const { return fIsInit; }
  virtual Bool_t       IsOpen()         const;
  virtual void         Print( Option_t* opt="" ) const;
  virtual void         SetDate( const TDatime& date );
          void         SetDate( UInt_t tloc );
          void         SetFirstEvent( UInt_t n );
          void         SetLastEvent(  UInt_t n );
          void         SetEventRange( UInt_t first, UInt_t last );
  virtual void         SetNumber( Int_t number );
  virtual void         SetType( Int_t type );
  virtual Int_t        Update( const THaEvData* evdata );

  enum EInfoType { kDate      = BIT(0), 
		   kRunNumber = BIT(1),
		   kRunType   = BIT(2),
		   kPrescales = BIT(3) };

  Int_t         fNumber;       //  Run number
  Int_t         fType;         //  Run type/mode/etc.
  TDatime       fDate;         //  Run date and time
  UInt_t        fEvtRange[2];  //  Event range to analyze
  UInt_t        fNumAnalyzed;  //  Number of physics events actually analyzed 
  Bool_t        fDBRead;       //  True if database successfully read.
  Bool_t        fIsInit;       //  True if run successfully initialized
  Bool_t        fOpened;       //  True if opened successfully
  Bool_t        fAssumeDate;   //  True if run date explicitly set
  UInt_t        fDataSet;      //  Flags for info that is valid (see EInfotype)
  UInt_t        fDataRead;     //  Flags for info found in data (see EInfoType)
  UInt_t        fDataRequired; //  Info required for Init() to succeed
  THaRunParameters* fParam;    //  Run parameters

  virtual Int_t ReadDatabase();
  virtual Int_t ReadInitInfo();

  ClassDef(THaRunBase,1)       // Base class for run objects


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