Abstract for CEBAF Technical Note 90-283  

We analyze the possibility of doing parity violation measurements using the CEBAF HRS spectrometer pair. In particular, we examine possible measurements of elastic scattering from 4He and H and quasielastic scattering from D. Elastic scattering from 4He provides a measure of the electroweak coupling constant sin20w. We suggest measuring three Q2 points on 4He which will yield a statistical error of 2% in sin20w. The Q2 dependence provides a test of the model assumptions. Elastic H and quasielastic D scattering have differing sensitives to the elastic form factor of the nucleon and its strange quark content. We suggest measuring five Q2 points on these nuclei with 5% statistics per point. These experiments are feasible with the above accuracies provided that we can reach the same level of statistical uncertainty as was obtained in the recent Bates measurements by Souder et al.. Our analysis shows that for forward angle electron scattering the rates are favorable and precise measurements can be done in a reasonable amount of beam time.

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