Abstract for JLAB Technical Note 01-025  

Relative acceptance profiles for the Hall A electron (i.e. "left") and hadron (i.e. "right") spectrometers were obtained during a three day E94-004 run in October of 1999 (as a calibration for the d(e,e-p)n cross section measurements). The deconvolution of acceptance and physics cross section was accomplished by applying a fitting technique to a series of white spectrum scans. The scans were performed by varying the magnetic fields of each spectrometer by 2% per measurement for each of five measurements (for a total of roughly 10%, comparable to the spectrometer's momentum acceptance). The scans for the two spectrometers were done in parallel by acquiring prescaled data on each. Simulations based on MCEEP with the magnetic/aperture model of J. LeRose give reasonable agreement with the shapes extracted from data especially if the radius of Q3 is reduced from 0.30 m to 0.28 m.

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