Abstract for JLAB Technical Note 02-018  

In April 2001, a dedicated neutron detector test was performed in Jefferson Lab's experimental Hall A. The test was conducted to demonstrate the feasibility of experiment E01-015, which requires using a scintillator array for neutron detection in a high luminosity (1x1038cm-2sec-1) environment. The demonstration was conducted in two stages. First, the scintillator array was used as a proton detector along with a High Resolution Spectrometer, HRS, to measure the reaction D(e,e'p). Second, a 2-inch thick lead wall was placed in front of the scintillator array. The array was then used for neutron detection in conjection with the two Hall A HRS to measure the over-determined reaction D(e,e'pn). The results of these measurements are presented herein.

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