MCEEP:  Monte Carlo for (e,e'p) experiments

MCEEP is supported on the following Unix systems: 
Linux (g77, Absoft f77, SGI), Sun, HP, OSF1 (Alpha), Ultrix, Mac OS X (g77)

In order to download MCEEP, follow the steps below.

Version 3.8 This version includes a COSY model of JLab Hall A HRS (adapted from the Hall C program, SIMC,
by W. Hinton).  Also this version has the default Q3 radius for HRS at 0.30 m, corresponding to the physical bore, since the new LeRose transfer functions and the COSY transfer functions result in a better acceptance model (i.e. the "fudge" of using a smaller radius is no longer necessary).   A small change was made in r-function.f (both in the sources and utilities directories) allowing the program to compile on Sun systems.  Finally, a bug was fixed in tg_path.f which led to sqrt(-) for rare events.

Version 3.9  
This version includes:
   1) Calculation of x_tg(5) in hrs_inv.f.  Also, now use this information to get the interaction point in the target as seen by the   spectrometers (i.e. the BEAM_E1, BEAM_E2 and BEAM_E3 variables now refer to the interaction point, rather than the point where the particle intersects the target Transport (Z=0) plane.  Same for proton variables).
  2) For the case of foils, the various walls were not handled properly in energy loss routines. There were several bugs, now fixed.
  3) The formatting of the cosy source files has been standardized for compatibility with the latest ABSOFT compiler (W. Boeglin).
  4*) Added bremsstrahlung routine for elastic ep by Florian Weissbach and Kai Hencken.
  5) Added deForest sigma_CC2 offshell cross section (P. Monaghan).
  6) Added cigar tube LH2/LD2 target (H. Ibrahim).
  7) Added MAD 12 degree configuration (standard and no quads tunes).
  8) Added MCEEP Ntuple to ROOT file conversion (W. Boeglin).
  9) Modified ~/mceep/utilities/make_hbook so that temporary files have unique names (associated with input file names).  This allows running several mceep scripts simultaneously without file conflicts (H. Ibrahim).
 10) Now allow for calculation of spectrometer acceptance functions (must bypass kinem in case of failure there).
 11) Fixed bug:  Window energy loss was doubly included!
 12) Fixed some portability issues with Sun-OS.
 13) Fixed bug in c12_elastic routine (R. Feuerbach).
 14) Fixed bug in harmonic oscillator momentum distributions as the model numbers were incorrect.
 15) Added option to correct for most probable energy loss (mean energy loss correction was only option before).
 16) Added Laget grid for d(e,e'p) (E. Voutier/P. Ulmer) - PWIA only for now (Laget files need to be downloaded separately since there are a large number of them).
 17) Added the septum optics model ala' J. LeRose.  Should be analogous to HRS model (P. Markowitz).

      * Still under development (all other features tested).