MCEEP    Version 3.9
last updated: 5 February 2011

This version has been fully tested, except for the elastic 1H(e,e'p) full-angular bremsstrahlung radiative code.  This is the preferred version for any other feature.

For details, see:  ~/mceep/distribute/README_v3_9 after downloading

   You will need to create a directory and untar these files into it (xxxx=pwia or pfsi ...):

    (You can build the program in any directory and thereby keep previous versions intact.)

The above procedure will unpack the program and produce three executables:

To verify the port of mceep, type (from the ~/mceep/utilities/ directory):

After porting you will need to add three environment variables to your login script:


where $mceep_home refers to the directory from which you executed the build (does not have to be your home directory).

To convert  MCEEP output to HBOOK format, type (from the directory where your input/output is located):
       "~/mceep/utilities/make_hbook  input_file", where "input_file" is the mceep input file PREFIX.

Note:  As of Version 3.0 MCEEP will overwrite existing output.  Also, MCEEP will read input from the current directory and place output there as well.

Possible problems with porting: