Compton Counting DAQ Software HOWTO

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CODA scripts

These scripts are located in compton@compton2:$HOME/bin/

Frontend scripts to use on compton@compton2


  • executes each CODA component (platform, rcgui, PEB, all ROCs) in a separate xterm


  • kills and restarts the PEB and ROCs. The xterms are not killed with this script.


  • kills all CODA components

Backend scripts, called by the frontend scripts


  • script that restarts an ssh connection if it is closed.


  • script that launches coda_emu_peb. restarts it when it is killed.


  • script that uses remote_vme to launch on acomp1


  • script that uses remote_vme to launch on hallcvtp

  • script on acomp1, hallcvtp that launches coda_roc with a ROC name determined from it's hostname.

  • kills off ROC_acomp1, ROC_hallcvtp, and coda_roc on acomp1 and hallcvtp.

Useful stand-alone programs


/home/coda/3.10/linuxvme/ti/test/tiLibTest <TI slot number>

  • Test triggering capabilities of the local TI.
- Puts the local TI in master mode (with no slaves).
- Accepts triggers either from Front Panel TSinputs or Internal Random Pulser


/home/coda/3.10_i686/linuxvme/Linux-i686/bin/vme_display <VME Address> <read size in bytes>

  • Display the read value of specified size from the specified VME address.
- Run without arguments for usage


/home/coda/3.10_i686/linuxvme/Linux-i686/bin/vme_modmem <VME Address> <read/write size in bytes>

  • Modify the value of specified size of the specified VME address.
- Run without arguments for usage

Machines in use


  • NFS server for coda and a-compton home directory.
  • CODA and hardware drivers in /home/coda/
  • DAQ Computer (RunControl, Event Building)


  • VME Controller
  • 'root' login
  • Slots 3: fADC250
  • Slots 13-16: vetroc
  • Slot 21: TI


  • VTP in Switch Slot B
  • 'root' login

Updated/Cloned New repos in /home/acompdaq/src/

github links (team:coda-user):

CODA environment setup script

Using BASH, source the environment setup script:

source ${HOME}/env/setupCODA

Run the DAQ from scratch

Do a startCoda in a termine

In runcontrol, connect and select the configuration you want to use in Configuration.

Click on configure, after download, after prestart, then you can hit go to start the run

Click on End to end the run

create or edit a configuration

Type jcedit

Choose an existing configuration or create a new one

To edit the parameters, double click on one component and edit what you need.

Compton Trigger

VTP Trigger Parameters

To access them ssh into acomp1 : ssh a-compton@acomp1

These parameters are set in a config file (e.g. params/vtp/hallcvtp.cnf) ( from acomp1 )


  <threshold> 0 to 8191 (units are FADC after pedestal and gain correction). It is the minumum required FADC pulse integral to be accepted for triggering (pedestal and gain parameters are setup on the FADC module). Used in trigger bit 0.


  <width> 0 to 1000 (units are ns). It is pulse width used for VETROC hits in the trigger logic for coincidence.


  <mult_min> 0 to 7. It is the minimum number of electron planes to have a hit used in trigger bit 0


  <width> 0 to 1000 (units are ns). It is the pulse width the VTP sends to the TS whenever a trigger is satisfied.


  <latency> 0 to 8000 (units are ns). It is the trigger latency (~time from when a signal goes into the FADC or VETROC to when the VTP would create a trigger pulse that goes to the TS).

VTP_COMPTON_PRESCALE <trgbit> <prescale>

  <trgbit> 0 to 4. Selects the trigger bit to apply the <prescale> to.
  <prescale> 0 to 65535. 0 disables the trigger output. 1-65535 divides the output trigger be <prescale>.

Trigger bit definitions

  trgbit0: (fadc_pulse_integral >= VTP_COMPTON_FADC_THRESHOLD) && (multiplicity(hit_electron_planes) >= VTP_COMPTON_EPLANE_MULT_MIN)
  trgbit1: hit_electron_plane_1
  trgbit1: hit_electron_plane_2
  trgbit1: hit_electron_plane_3
  trgbit1: hit_electron_plane_4

Stuff to finish

compton daq account

  • Update /etc/passwd on relevant OS's
  • Update id/gid permission settings on relevant directories.

Log CODA runs to logbook


$CODA/Linux-i686/bin/remex <remexHost> <function call>

  • Execute a function call on the specified remote Host
- Run without arguments for usage