APEX DAQ and Trigger

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The triggers are plugged into the Trigger Supervisor on the R-HRS.
The prescale factor is controlled by the GUI "prescaleR".  Run this GUI from the adaq account on adaq2.

    Trigger definitions for APEX

  Let S0A and S0B be the 2 pmts of S0, a vertical scint.
  and S2L and S2R are left and right PMTs of an S2 paddle
  and S0=S0A&S0B = the "and" of 2 pmts 
  and S2=S2L&S2R = the "or" of [left&right] pmts


  T1 = LHRS S0&S2 with S2R timing
  T2 = LHRS S2 with S2R timing
  T3 = RHRS S2R (right PMTs only)
  T4 = RHRS S0&S2R with S2R timing
  T5 = RHRS S2R&GC with S2R timing
  T6 = Coincidence = T2&T5 with T2 timing for trues
  T7 = SciFi cosmics (one trigger for both arms)
  T8 = LHRS Clock (103.7 kHz)
  T9-T12 empty