How to set BigBite Total Shower thresholds

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Login to any adaq@adaql* machines 1 to 7.

Run the following command(without quotes) to set the thresholds

1. For T1 (with beam): "threshold_BB -s BB_Sh_2 -80mV" 

   For T1 (cosmics): "threshold_BB -s BB_Sh_2 -20mV"  

2. For T6 (with beam): "threshold_BB -s BB_Sh -120mV"

   For T6 (cosmics): "threshold_BB -s BB_Sh -20mV"

3. Preshower thresholds (preshower is not in any of the BigBite triggers)

    "threshold_BB -s BB_PSh -50mV"

You can also simply run ' threshold_BB ' to get help for this command.