Initial HRS Elastic Checks

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Time estimate: 1.5 hours.

  1. Hydrogen and dummy targets with I = 20 μA. The elastic peak is centered at δP/P = 0%.
  2. Take HRS single-arm elastic data (electrons in HRS) at the kinematics listed below. Collect > 100K electrons in HRS. This will allow checks to be made on the following:
    * Elastic peak position for check on kinematics.
    * Check of elastic cross section at initially the 3-5% level.
    * Cross check of HRS yields.
    * Fast Raster Phase Checkout:
    1. Use an elastic run from above.
    2. Make a plot of W2 versus the fast raster current. There should be a one-to-one correspondence between vertical beam position and W2 value. If not, you have a phase offset between the actual fast raster magnet setting and the data aquisition ADC value. Determine this phase.
Ebeam (GeV) k' (GeV) θe (deg) Q2 (GeV2) Rate [Hz] at 20 μA minutes for 5.4k events at 20 μA
7.3 3.2 33.4 7.7 1.5 60
5.5 3.2 28.7 4.3 15 6