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time and location

Date: 2013_08_19-20 Monday and Tuesday
Location: Jlab CEBAF F327


Phoneline: US 866-740-1260, International 303-248-0285, Access code: 1978431
remote desktop sharing:, join as a PARTICIPANT with Access code: 1978431

note: this screen sharing system is from the same company providing our conference phone system. All you need is a browser with flash. One choice is google chrome 32 bit (win,linux,mac) which has flash built-in at

upload talks

You can upload talks on any jlab CUE machine (like jlabl1) at the directory /group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/12GeV/SoLID/meeting_coll/2013_08

Then make a link in the agenda with the address like ""+"yourfilename"

If you encounter any problem, ask or send the talk to Zhiwen Zhao


8/19 (Monday)
9:00     Welcome and Issues/considerations for PVDIS   pptx     Paul Souder
9:20     Discussion
9:30     Issues/consideration for SIDIS pdf              Haiyan Gao
9:50     Discussion
10:00    Update/Overview   pptx                J. P. Chen
10:20    Discussion
10:30    Break
11:00    Background study      pdf      Richard Holmes
11:20    Discussion
11:30    Background simulation/baffle design pptx pdf      Zhiwen Zhao
11:50    Discussion
12:00    Lunch

13:30    Background/simulation           pdf Lorenzo Zana /pdf Rakitha Beminiwattha 
13:50    Discussion
14:00    EM calorimeter    pptx pdf                     Zhiwen Zhao
14:30    Discussion
14:40    EMC Supporting structure            pdf Paul Reimer
14:55    Discussion
15:00    Light gas Cherenkov                  pdf  Michael Paolone
15:30    Discussion
15:40    Break
16:10    Heavy gas Cherenkov                 pdf Mehdi Meziane
16:30    Discussion
16:40    DAQ/Trigger            Alexandre Camsonne pptx pdf
17:10    Discussion
17:20    General Discussion
18:00    Adjourn

8/20 (Tuesday)
9:00     GEM progress from Chinese collaboration  Yuxiang Zhao pptx
9:20     Discussion
9:30     GEM update                               Nilanga Liyanage pptx
10:00    Discussion
10:10    Break
10:40    Tracking                                 Ole Hansen pdf
11:10    Discussion
11:20    Inputs from JLab management              Ent/Mont
11:50    Inputs from Hall A                       Thia Keppel
12:20    Lunch

13:30    Update/discussion on other systems
14:00    Discussion on issues
14:30    Discussion on P-CDR (design, cost, manpower, milestones)
15:00    Break
15:30    Discussion on P-CDR continue
16:00    Discussion on preparation for director's review, dry run dates,...
16:30    Meeting adjourn