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A run list has been created to summarize the work done to check the stability of various quantities in each run and put them into following categories(each category is assigned a code):

  • "perfectly good" : 1
  • "unstable run" (can be used in the analysis) : 2
  • "unstable run" (serious issue, recoverable with some effort later) : 3
  • "bad" run (cannot be used for analysis) : 10

[Note: please add more categories (between 4 and 9) if necessary]

  • Currently we have the following columns in the excel file:
    • run_rumber, yield_normalized, charge, livetime, eff_track, eff_trig, eff_PID, s2m_eff, s0_eff, GC_OPE, calo_MIP, Q1_magnet, Q2_magnet, D1_magnet, Q3_magnet, target_density, beam_position

  • For those who are checking the stability of various quantities, please update the attached excel file (using above codes) for each run and for the quantities you are looking at.

stability run list