Run plan Aug 28th 2009

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Current short term run plan

  • Owl shift ( August 28th 2009 )
    • complete Moller commissioning ( up to 1 AM )
    • Beam check Raster check ( set raster to 2mm x 2mm ) Check with spot and post in HALOG
    • HAPPEX detector Check ( Dustin, Rupesh ) ( ~ from 1 AM to 3 AM )
      • HAPPEX detector footprint alignement and Q2 measurement

Move to Hydrogen target, check rates. Choose current reasonable for footprint determination ( few KHz of S0 triggers ) most likely around 1 uA.

      • Optics

move Sieve in on both arms Increase current to have maximum T2 S0 up to 2 KHz keeping current less than 30 uA. Keep an eye on the heater always keep 50 watt of overhead power.

1 Sieve run with Hydrogen 1M events or 30 minutes whichever comes first

Move to optics target, turn raster off, increase current up to 70 uA to get as close as possible to 2KHz of triggers

Take on sieve run with Carbon optics ~ 1 Million events or 30 minutes whichever comes first.

Move to Al dummy target Take runs to check position of Al superelastic until Dustin is happy. he can take an additional runs on Hydrogen if needed. Depending on the data he can make an access to move the detector.

    • BCM/BPM cross calibration and checks ( Kent / Luis ) Page Kent about 30 minutes before previous
      • BCM high current calibration of HAPPEX with UNSER
      • BPM calibration
    • Test of dithering coils ( Kent )

This should take us up to day shift.

Rupesh test will be done tomorrow during a down since he needs no beam maybe during low current Moller runs.