TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2021 May 25

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  • Eric: Resuming mTPC simulation work
  • all/simulation group: discussion on conditional approval timeline for a next submission.
  • all: any other business;


Discussion on conditional approval timeline:

  • Get a refresher on what they expect from;
  • Ultimate goal: tracking; works with a toy simulation, need to check that it still works with the full blown simulation.
    • Digitization of the mTPC MC hits: put together Rachel and Eric's respective works;
    • Superimposition of backgrounds: beam on target, QE, pions?
    • interface product of full simulation with Steve's tracking code.
    • other tracking related codes (e.g. AI background filter);
    • we need to prove that the D(e, e p p) triple coincidence is not overwhelmed by accidentals;
  • How many people are available to perform those tasks: simulation group
    • Eric, Carlos, Rachel, Arun, Steve, ? Volunteers welcome :)
  • Timeline: Goal: by October? 4 months.
    • Digitization: time estimate: 2 weeks?
    • Superimposition of backgrounds: time estimate: + 2 weeks ?
    • full simulation tracking: time estimate: 1 month?
    • D(e, e p p) triple coincidence analysis: time estimate: 1 month?
    • By September we should only have remaining to write the document.

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