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GRINCH Prototype test 2015

Running the DAQ

The computer to be used is: sbs2

  • log in sbs2 with user adaq
    • ask Carlos or Peibo for the password. Otherwise, ask Mark Jones or Dasuni

can chck more details at: https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/ECal_DAQ

Guide to the Function Generator

Rule No.1: Do not trust the readings. Always check the pulse with a scope. Also make sure you autoset the scope before using it--- an idea from a pro.

When inputting parameters, make sure you press the button A or B to select a channel before entering numbers. The correct sequence would be for example, HIV(high voltage)---A(channel A)---5---V.

Guide to the PMT HV Control

The HV is through the rpi3 in slot 0 channels 0 and 1. To start the HV gui for sbs1: cd slowc; ./hvs rpi3 If the HV server is not running on rpi3 then: ssh rpi3 -l pi ./start_hv (password is rutaB%314)

For Peibo's project, to see the desired voltage please refer to HV section(HV Map).

Test Lab log

Peibo's log