3rd Arm DAQ for g2p

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Normal DAQ Operations

Account Info

  • 3rd Arm DAQ is running separately with the HRS DAQs.
    • 3rd Arm DAQ runs on the adaql3 computer on the adev account.
    • 3rd Arm DAQ is using CODA 2.5.

Start and Stop Runs

  • To start and stop runs, push the buttons "Start" and "End".
    • No need to use "Prestart", "Start" will do "Prestart" and "Go" in sequence.
    • If the run control is not running, follow the Cold Restart section below.

CODA Configurations

  • We are using "thirdarm_buf" configuration for 3rd arm.
    • The configurations should be loaded by default.
    • To change configurations, click on the "Reset" button on the left, then press "Configure" button, choose the configuration from the dialog box, then push the "Download" button.

Editing Prescale Factors

  • Login with adev account, type "prescaleTA" to start the GUI. Make changes and click "save" button.

Online Scaler monitor

Start xscaler for 3rd Arm

  • Open a terminal, use ssh to log into adaq@adaql4;
  • cd into ~/g2p/thirdarm/scaler;
  • Type ./xscaler to start GUI.

Definition of Some Entries

  • 1~8  :Insert non-formatted text here: E1_R(L)-E4_R(L), hits on E plane PMTs;
  • 9  : currently empty;
  • 10  : fclock, 103.7 kHz fast clock;
  • 11  : L1A
  • 12  : trigger
  • 13~16: dE1_R(L)&dE2_R(L), hits on dE plane PMTs;
  • 17~18: bcm_u(d)1, upstream(or downstream) BCM.