3rd Arm DAQ for g2p

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Normal DAQ Operations

Account Info

  • 3rd Arm DAQ is running separately with the HRS DAQs.
    • 3rd Arm DAQ runs on the adaql3 computer on the adev account.
    • 3rd Arm DAQ is using CODA 2.5.

Start and Stop Runs

  • To start and stop runs, push the buttons "Start" and "End".
    • No need to use "Prestart", "Start" will do "Prestart" and "Go" in sequence.
    • If the run control is not running, follow the Cold Restart section below.

CODA Configurations

  • We are using "thirdarm_buf" configuration for 3rd arm.
    • The configurations should be loaded by default.
    • To change configurations, click on the "Reset" button on the left, then press "Configure" button, choose the configuration from the dialog box, then push the "Download" button.

Editing Prescale Factors

  • Login with adev account, type "prescaleTA" to start the GUI. Make changes and click "save" button.
    • Notice T8 is 103.7 kHz fast clock for 3rd arm, so you need to set PS8 to 103 to get a ~1kHz pulser trigger.

Online Scaler Monitor

Start xscaler for 3rd Arm

  • Open a terminal, type "ssh adaq@adaql4";
  • Type "cd ~/g2p/thirdarm/scaler";
  • Type "./xscaler thirdarm" to start GUI.

Definition of Some Entries

  • 1~8  : Insert non-formatted text here: E1_R(L)-E4_R(L), hits on E plane PMTs;
  • 9  : currently empty;
  • 10  : fclock, 103.7 kHz fast clock;
  • 11  : L1A
  • 12  : trigger
  • 13~16: dE1_R(L)&dE2_R(L), hits on dE plane PMTs;
  • 17~18: bcm_u(d)1, upstream(or downstream) BCM.


Reset CODA

  • Click the "Reset" button on the run control interface. You will need to do "Configure" and "Download" again.
  • If reset CODA can not solve the problem, try a cold restart, follow the instruction below.

Cold Restart CODA

  • To make a cold restart of CODA for 3rd arm DAQ, first make sure you are using adev account on adaql3 computer. If not, open a terminal and type "ssh adev@adaql3";
  • On adev@adaql3, type "kcoda";
  • Type "startcoda", the runcontrol GUI will pop-up;
    • Press the "Connect" button;
    • When you see the "Configure" button, press it, then choose one configuration ("thirdarm_buf" configuration for usual). Wait for a while.
    • Click on the "Download" button to start download the libraries;
  • You have restarted CODA. To start a run, press "Start" button.

Reboot TS ROC

  • Third arm only have one ROC, which is ROC12.
  • If the ROC hung up, you will need to reboot it:
    • Open a terminal, type "telnet bbps1 2005";
      • If you got some error message shows "connection refused", it means somebody may have already connected to it. Try to find the window which has the telnet session. If you can't, contact some expert;
    • Type "reboot" in the ROC's xterm window;
    • Wait until the ROC finished executing the the boot script, you should see all of the commands in the xterm window;
    • If you lost the connection, telnet into the ROC again to verify it is alive.
  • If this software reboot does not work, you may need to do a cold restart for it:
    • Find an adaql computer, open a browser, and type "hareboot30" in the address bar;
    • Click the "Outlets" label on the left;
    • Check the box with the label "bbts1", and then select the control action "Reboot immediate", click the "next" botton;
    • Click the "Apply" botton to reboot the crate;
    • After this, open a terminal and telnet into the ROC, then reset CODA following the above instruction.
  • You can find the boot parameters here: Boot Parameters for g2p (The last section TS1(ROC12))

Set Run Parameters

Set High Voltage

  • To change High Voltage for 3rd arm dE and E plane PMTs (normally you do not need to change this):
    • Open a terminal, type "ssh adev@adaql3", ask the expert on shift if you do not know the password;
    • Type "hvgui_hrs" to start the HV GUI;
    • Click on the tab "hacweb5:2001" to change HV setting;
    • You can find the normal HV setting for 3rd arm here: Halog entry 359864
    • When you start a run, check in the auto halog entry to see if the HV values are recorded properly.

Set Threshold

  • The discriminator thresholds for 3rd arm can be controlled remotely (normally you do not need to change this), follow these steps:
    • Open a terminal, ssh to one of the adaql computers;
    • Type "threshold_TA -g dE" to check the threshold for dE(or E) plane;
    • Type "threshold_TA -s dE -350mV" to set the threshold for dE(or E) plane to -350 mV;
    • Notice the range of the thresholds is -1~0V;
    • When you start a run, check in the auto halog entry to see if the threshold values are recorded properly.