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(Add Sanghwa's running info and add the log entry with info for the Quad monitoring)
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=='''Running experiment information'''==
=='''Running experiment information'''==
** '''[[Start-up plan]]  
* '''[[Start-up plan]]  
** '''[[Shift-taker responsibilities | Shift info HOW-TO]]'''
* '''[[Shift-taker responsibilities | Shift info HOW-TO]]'''
** '''[[APEX_Daily_Run_Meetings]]'''
* '''[[APEX_Daily_Run_Meetings]]'''
** '''[[APEX Experts| Experts on call]]'''
* '''[[APEX Experts| Experts on call]]'''
** '''[https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3649160 Quad monitoring info] '''
* '''[https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3649160 Quad monitoring info] '''

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Old APEX Webpage

The A' Experiment (APEX)

Running experiment information




Technical Documents

For Shift-Takers [DRAFT]

All info below is under development, based on Tritium Group's shift resources. Please contact Natalia Toro (toron@jlab) if you can help.