APEX Run Preparation List

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Planning and Documentation

  • Comissioning and Calibration Plans
    • Septum current selection
    • Shift beam checkout procedures with target
    • Optics
  • Shift page
  • Authorship and shift requirements


  • Establishing parallel beam optics (Yves Roblin)
  • OSP (Silviu)


  • Establishing coincident timing alignment for trigger (scintillator and Cerenkov)
  • Checkout with cosmics


  • Present state tested and operational?
  • Cabling and patch panels ready
  • Commissioning plans
  • Development of online, offline analysis software
  • Slow controls
    • Integration with existing HV system
    • Stepper motor


  • Reestablish online scripts and replay libraries
    • Integrate new scifi
  • Procedures written for shift crew


  • Identify power supply and integrate to slow controls
  • Corrector magnet construction (Hall A engineering)


  • HV adjustments for drain currents
  • Resistor modification


  • Analysis with new FADC readout (has been done for prior experiments)