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Lists of links to useful link for Analysis


  • Do NOT copy/store ROOT files in $HOME/*. Filling $HOME on the adaq cluster and other JLab machines will cause major problems for you and others. Besides, we have much more space on the work disk (see below).
  • Do NOT copy/store data files to $HOME/* for any reason.
 If you need to create customized ROOT files then please make a personal directory here:
 and direct the analyzer to use that path.

General Guide

Retrieving files from the Silo/Auger

Use jcache to retrieve files from tape. They will show up in '/cache/mss/halla/e06014/raw/' in a few minutes (usually). The analyzer will automatically find them there.

For example: jcache '/cache/mss/halla/e06014/raw/e06014_2609.dat.0'

 There are very few good reasons to need to copy/store root files or data files in your home directory.  
 Please leave the data files on the /cache/* disks and keep root files on the /work/halla/e06014/* file system.

See also: Jasmine Help

Hall A Analyzer Documentation

Online Replay for Experts

(Examples use the Transversity configuration. Adapt accordingly.)

Preliminary Production Run List

Detector Calibs

Bull's eye scan

Bull's eye scan results in HALOG by Vince

Results from Second Bull's eye scan in HALOG

BCM calibration

Pion rejector in L-HRS

Special Topics


Left HRS VDC T0 Drifts

Left HRS Scintillator Timing

Hydrogen runs

Quasi-elastic runs

Pressure curve data with reference cell