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  • Do NOT copy/store ROOT files in $HOME/*. Filling $HOME on the adaq cluster and other JLab machines will cause major problems for you and others. Besides, we have much more space on the work disk (see below).
  • Do NOT copy/store data files to $HOME/* for any reason.
 If you need to create customized ROOT files then please make a personal directory here:
 and direct the analyzer to use that path.

General Guide

d2n Analysis To Do List

d2n-analysis mailing list

Subscribe by sending an email to the address
with the command 
   subscribe d2n-analysis
in the email body.  The subject is ignored.  You should receive an "approved" email
within a few minutes if it worked.

Retrieving files from the Silo/Auger

Use jcache to retrieve files from tape. They will show up in '/cache/mss/halla/e06014/raw/' in a few minutes (usually). The analyzer will automatically find them there.

For example: jcache /mss/halla/e06014/raw/e06014_1246.dat.0 puts the file in '/cache/mss/halla/e06014/raw/e06014_1246.dat.0'

 There are very few good reasons to need to copy/store root files or data files in your home directory.  
 Please leave the data files on the /cache/* disks and keep root files on the /work/halla/e06014/* file system.

See also: Jasmine Help

A backup of all files in /adaqfs/home/adaq/e06014/ (online replay files, etc) was made on 01 Sept 2009. (This is in addition to JLab's standard backup mechanisms.)

  • It can be found at /work/halla/d2n/adaq-e06014/ (read-only).
  • A tarball (1.6 GB) can be retrieved from the Silo to your current working directory with this command. (As a rule, you should not have to do this.)
 jget /mss/home/brads/e06014_adaq_directory-01Sept09.tar .

Hall A Analyzer Documentation

  Off Line Analysis for transversity
  A how-to on using JLab's computer farm to analyze Hall A data.  This page uses Transversity's
  paths, run numbers, etc. Be sure to use the d2n work disk for output!

Online Replay for Experts

(Some useful examples here but they use the Transversity configuration. Adapt accordingly.)

Offline Replay Instructions

Calendar, Run Periods

  • "Run Calendar"
    • It comes up with the current date. You want Feb. 2009 and Mar. 2009. Snapshots are below.

Feb 2009 Mar 2009

    • Create a page with a time-ordered list of significant events?

Preliminary Production Run List

Beam Calibrations

BPM Calibration (d2n)

BCM calibration (d2n)

Beam Polarimetry

Detector Calibs

Left HRS


Particle Identification

Left HRS

Hall A He3 Polarized Target

Special Topics

List of special runs (d2n)

Hydrogen runs (d2n)

Quasi-elastic runs (d2n)

Pressure curve data with reference cell (d2n)

Hall A Survey Reports (d2n)

d2n Talks/Reports

How to connect to a d2n VNC Session

2009 Reports

2010 Reports

2011 Reports

2012 Reports

2013 Reports

Phone conference instructions for these meetings

How to connect to a d2n VNC Session

 ESnet Readytalk
 Dial Toll-Free Number: 866-740-1260 (U.S.&  Canada) (International Access Numbers)
 Enter your 7-digit access code, followed by "#"
 Your access code: 2836069