Analysis resources for transversity

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Lists of links to useful link for Analysis


Do NOT copy/store data files to $HOME/* for any reason. If you need to create customized ROOT files then please make a personal directory here:
and direct the analyzer to use that path.

Do NOT copy/store ROOT files in $HOME/*. Filling $HOME on the adaq cluster causes major problems and we have 5x the space on the above work disk.

Retrieving files from the Silo/Auger

Use jcache to retrieve files from tape. They will show up in '/cache/mss/halla/e06010/raw/' in a few minutes (usually). The Transversity analyzer will automatically find them there.

For example: jcache '/cache/mss/halla/e06010/raw/e06010_2609.dat.0'

See also: Jasmine Help

Bull's eye scan

Bull's eye scan results in HALOG by Vince

BCM calibration transversity

Pressure curve data with reference cell

Optics transversity

Hydrogen runs transversity

Quasielastic runs transversity