Apr 8, 2018

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  • Commissioning status
  • Simulation update -- Eric
  • Simulation update -- Bill

Connection details:

Meeting URL https://bluejeans.com/388466836

Meeting ID 388 466 836

US toll free phone 1.888.240.2560

Dial in, type in the meeting ID and then press ##


Simona's DAQ presentation is moved to next week. She and Roman will also prepare a diagram of the whole circuit and finish it by next week.
Moller channel and modules are posted on the wiki: [1], [2]

Target update: Copper foil arrived, Dave Meekins will install it. If it breaks we will switch to aluminum.
Target removed from the magnet last week. Tested the rotation. We have some results from the laser test but we have not formed definite conclusions yet.

Bill showed his systematic table. 2% uncertainty on dipole propagated into 0.2% on the polarization, may reduced from further data and simulation comparison. 50% Levchuk which result in 0.2% on the beam polarization. How do we disentangle the effects from quad scan and Levchuk? Quad scan data we took that showed different Levchuk correction would be useful to look at better understanding the systematics from the Levchuk effect.