April 16th 2021

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  • Updates
    • HCal
      • New FADC working, taking cosmics
      • F1 switch to external clock in top crate with help of Mark and Bryan
      • Got cables from Mindy, will be installed
      • VME DAQ almost complete, needed a few additionnal parts

( next week or week after )

      • will install discriminator with remote threshold
      • one channel need one lemo replaced
      • plan for moving HCAL racks May 10th, racks can be moved individually - decabling
      • DAQ location : one month down to get power and other utilities
      • will try to get computer and racks up
    • BB Shower
      • Trigger monitor and FADC fully cabled
      • Mark looking into readout
      • will take data until Jessee gives heads up for move ( 1 week before move ) , will uncable and detector and move in hall
      • will start setting up cable on trays
      • Jack did measurement of BB weldment, will check if it can get inside bunker
      • looking at individual channels for noise level, still issue of noise on one side after HV switch. Looked on scope and could not see difference left and right.
      • F1 trigger from TI : but F1 seems to not get it from trigger ( Data not ready error ) - going to NIM/ECL translator - pretty big delay ( ~ 700 ns for FADC and 1200 ns for TDC) - using TDC output - can use the prompt output OT#2 instead -
    • BB Hodo
      • taking data multiple run every day
      • gain matching on going
      • will add time threshold studies
    • GRINCH
      • took good cosmics run with large paddle
      • checked VETROC decoding was working, will test with ADC
      • Gasket material received and will be cut next week
      • scintillator paddle moved back to original position
    • LHRS
      • Maria working on detector cabling
      • setting up VXS in room 1546 for helicity with Paul
      • Centos 7 upgrade with help of Ole : ready for SBS cpu now
      • restored FADC DAQ, issue with fastbus ( all 0 in data from time to time : known bug ) - FB arbitration time out
    • CDet
      • still taking cosmics data
      • sbs2 working fine
      • still need put VETROC in crate
      • INFN GEM in test lab working
      • INFN TEDF looking at modified MPD, made things worse, maybe due to only have half of chamber powered
      • VXS for VTP readout - need IP - need get APV backplane for starting testing
    • GEM UVA
      • finished assembly 4 GEM layers, replaced with all good backplanes ready to move in GEn RP inline
      • noise study : help with Bogdan, test to find noise, grounding scheme to be tried
  • BB FADC has couple of empty channels
  • Scott giving HCAL talk on Sunday g21 - instrumentation

and poster session Sunday afternoon 2PM