April 23rd 2021

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  • Updates
    • HCAL
      • Sebastian took voltage scan for right half, gain calibration can be completed
      • one cable need to have one LEMO cable replaced
      • started testing overlapping region which use summing amps

10 super cluster in trigger, looks pretty good with cosmics. Trigger looks fine, still need the DAC to set different threshold

      • most likely get DAC patch panel next week
      • DVCS pulser : seems not getting - would prefer gate generator - Alex will double check
    • Bigbite shower
      • everything connected, Mark
      • detector maps for FADC and HV
      • switched F1 but still get error, asked Scott to check
      • FADC working ok, installing SBS-offline to test
      • GUI setup to look at FADC signals
    • BB Hodoscope
      • gain matching complete for hodoscope
      • will start time over threshold studies
    • GRINCH
      • working on software integration
    • LHRS
      • Centos 7 upgrade, LHRS fully working, but one slot of VDC empty, changed TDC but did not help
      • Maria working on cabling
      • will get FADC for showers
    • CDet
    • GEM TEDF
      • all UVA and INFN MPDs in TEDF have new resistor installed. They are all installed in the crates. INFN is cables and reading out, UVA is in the process of cabling new layer installed in place of old one
      • I updated SSP and MPD firmware for the external NIM clock and two word packing, but the test I tried to verify 5kHz is not reaching 5kHz. Ben is looking into it.
      • 3 APVs on an INFN back plane are installed behind the VTP for troubleshooting and readout. Just let us (Ezekiel or myself) know when LV needs to be turned on.
      • VTP crate setup
      • will try to do more DAQ studies with different grounding scheme and try taking cosmics
    • UVA clean room
      • layer backplane back
      • noise study with Bogdan, Anu and Xinzhan. Saw improvements, still to test with full layer. Shielding helped on top and bottom side. Fluctuation reduced by 50 %.
      • Ben put order for filters, ferrite to put on HDMI, to reduce noise coming from MPD to chamber
    • CDet
      • issue with portserver, will power cycle
      • started install VETROC crate, all VETROC in crate, need put CPU online should work next week