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(Triggers for Ar(ee')p)
(Triggers for Ar(ee')p)
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=Trigger Schematics (as of 22 Feb 2017)
Trigger Schematics (as of 22 Feb 2017)

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Currently DAQ for coincidence is setup on adaq2 in the RightHRS session

To start a run for both arms, select the "Coincidence" CODA configuration

Triggers for Ar(ee')p

From [[1]]

Overview over the trigger for the prescalers:

   PS1: T5 (S0&S2)  & (GC||PR) [LEFT] and S0&S2 [RIGHT] , Main coincidence trigger
   PS2: T6 (S0||S2) & (GC||PR) [LEFT] and (S0||S2) & (!PS(e) ) [RIGHT] , Efficiency coincidence
   PS3: T3 (S0&S2)  & (GC||PR) [LEFT], left single arm main or cosmics
   PS4: T1 S0&S2 [RIGHT],                  right single arm main or cosmics
   PS5: T4 (S0||S2) & (GC||PR) [LEFT], left efficiency
   PS6: T2 (S0||S2) & (!PS(e) ) [RIGHT],  right efficiency (should be prescaled)
   PS7: EDTM
   PS8: Clock

Trigger Schematics (as of 22 Feb 2017) [2]


Fat cables between arms

Cable Signal
3 LHRS Scaler gate from RHRS
4 Clock from LHRS
5 LHRS RT signal
6 L1A from Right TS

Trigger supervisor cabling

Branch Signal
1 RHRS Fastbus Brown on 1
2 LHRS Fastbus Purple on 1
4 RHRS Scalers

ROC parameters

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