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E12-014012: Argon (e,e'p) experiment page.

Important Documents

Argon Experiment Readiness Review


Ed Folts (observer), Yves Roblin (beam), Javier Gomez (chair), Dave Kashy (target), Bert Manzlak (EHS&Q)


Agenda and Talks

21 July 2016

08:30-8:45 Executive Session

08:45-9:25 Experiment Overview C. Mariani (20+20) [charge items: 1,3,4]

9:25-10:10 New Targets (D. Meekins (30+15) [charge item 2]

supporting documents: Argon Target Design Details

example "boiling" test measurement: N->Delta Measurement

10:10-10:40 Hall Equipment and Documents (15+15) D. Higinbotham [charge items 5,6,7,8]

supporting documents: COO, ESAD, ERG

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 Executive Session

12:30 Close-out