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E12-014012: Argon (e,e'p) experiment page.

Important Documents

Collaboration Meetings

10 April 2017 Collaboration Meeting

Argon Experiment Readiness Review


Ed Folts (observer), Yves Roblin (beam), Javier Gomez (chair), Dave Kashy (target), Bert Manzlak (EHS&Q)


Agenda and Talks

21 July 2016

08:30-8:45 Executive Session

08:45-9:25 Experiment Overview C. Mariani (20+20) [charge items: 1,3,4]

9:25-10:10 New Targets (D. Meekins (30+15) [charge item 2]

supporting documents: Argon Target Design Details

10:10-10:40 Hall Equipment and Documents (15+15) D. Higinbotham [charge items 5,6,7,8]

supporting documents: COO, ESAD, ERG

example "boiling" test measurement: N->Delta Measurement

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 Executive Session

12:30 Close-out