August 3rd 2022

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  • Updates
    • HCAL
      • want to take overnight cosmics run
      • Sebastian modified scripts to look at data, need to look at data with cosmics
    • Beamline
      • unser calibration was postponed, will check with Paul
      • GetCharge script on a-onl machine : seems to be working fine but need to try with a full run, need to check filename format for GEN
    • GEM
      • BB GEM : taking cosmics data, 1 GEM module had lower effiency
      • BB parallel HV Volta integrated into EPICS : several channels for GEM, if one channel trips all channel trip
      • SBS side : low level test with APV, so far looks pretty good, might finish test today and will try take pedestal
      • still missing BNC cables for comics trigger, trigger and clock distribution cabling finished and working fine
      • ready to take data on eel124 computer, maybe late Wednesday afternoon, need to make sure there is a fiber between TI
      • need to add fiber to TS for SBS crate