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General Notes

  • The shift leader should fill out the BTA form throughout the entire duration of the shift (i.e. from the start). This is requested by MCC.
  • MCC will contact the shift leader 1 hour before the end of the shift, to collect the BTA information for the first 7 hours of the shift.
  • The shift leader should continue to pay attention to the BTA until the end of your shift after this.

BTA Steps

Note the following procedure has to be checked via access to aonl or adaq logins. Should also try to add a screen shot.

  • Open a web browser on an a-onl@aonl machine. Typing firefox from an adaq login terminal will also work. Check if these accounts/machines are still valid, although expect to be fine.
  • Visit the BTA page via either via [1] or [2]
  1. Login with your CUE username/password
  2. Select: File->Open Timesheet
  3. Choose: Hall:A -> Day-> Shift: Owl (or Day or Swing)
  4. Click "Open"
  5. If you want to edit hour(s), click on the very right "pencil" icon and make a comment or edit time. DO NOT USE *EDIT ALL* ON THE BOTTOM!
  6. "Load from EPICS" will work in production mode, however you should still check the numbers. It does not work for other modes like moller commissioning or tests.
  7. To save your edited info into DATABASE, click "V", located in the same place as where the "pencil" icon was.'Don't forget to save, or your edits will be lost.'
  8. When MCC call you for the BTA (one hour before your shift ends), click "SAVE INFO for MCC"
  9. Read the numbers for ABU and BANU.
  10. At the end of the shift, logout.