Beam charge asymmetry stripchart

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Example Chart

Bcm asym stripchart.jpg


  • When beam is off, or is ramping up, the beam charge asymmetry is meaningless.
  • There is a statistical width to the beam charge asymmetry distribution. Just make sure that the distribution is centered around 0 parts-per-million (ppm).

How To Start

Log into hacbsc2 with the hacuser account:

[adaq@adaql2 ~]$ ssh hacuser@hacsbc2

Start the NewTools GUI:


Two windows will appear (an Xterm, and a window with a Button "EOS Menu").

  • Click on the EOS Menu
  • Select "Strip Chart Menu"
  • Select "MyaViewer - Strip Chart"

Any empty strip chart will appear.

  • Select "File"
  • Select "Load Config".

A new window "Load Configuration" will appear.

  • Select under "Files:" the file "bcm_asymmetry.xml"
  • Click "Load".