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BigBite High Voltage Control

HOWTO start the HV Control GUI

  • Log into the adev account on adaql3 (password on sheet next to the WhiteBoard).

For example, in an xterm (logged in as adaq@adaql1):

 [adaq@adaql1 adaq]$ ssh adev@adaql3
  • Run the GUI:
 [adev@adaql3 adev]$ hvgui
  • After some time of reading configuration files and information from the HV Crates (about 30 seconds), the GUI should appear:

Hvgui example.png

HOWTO change high voltage

  • double click the slot you want to change in Target_V column

Hvgui example1.png

  • change the value then hit enter
  • after finish changing please save the setting

HOWTO save high voltage setting

  • click File
  • choose Save Voltage Set

Hvgui example2.png

  • please save the file in the format as you see in the example


== HV map for BB

  • bbps1 S0 to S9 are E and DE BB planes
    • S0 de 1-12 Left S1 de 13-24 Left S2 de 1-12 Right S3 de 13-24 Right
    • S4 E 1-12 Left S5 E 13-24 Left S6 E 1-12 Right S7 E 13-24 Right
    • S8 Bar in front of platform
  • bbps1 S14 Bigbite MWDC HV
    • 0 to 3 front chambers
    • 4 to 8 back chambers

Channels for the MWDC

The Channels for the MWDC are in Slot 14.

  • Front Chamber = 14.0 through 14.3
  • Back Chamber = 14.4 through 14.7


If a single channel (or more) on one of the chambers trips. Bring the set of four down together, before resetting the HV. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.