BigBite Spectrometer

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BigBite dipole magnet

Electron Package

Electron package layout drawings

o  Detector package with dimensions, updated by Al Gavalya 10/27/2008. side view and top view

BigBite spectrometer layout drawings, with the electron detector package

o  Magnet and detector relative to target center, with dimensions, in the "ideal position", but not the reality !!! 
   Updated by Susan Esp  10/28/2008. side view pdf file 
o  Closer to the reality, !!! but still not the reality !!! after Al made some measurements on 10/28/208. 
   side view pdf file 

Gas Cherenkov Detector


Shower/Preshower Detectors

Position Survey

Sept 18, 2008

Notice: Terminology used in this section follows conventions of Hall A Tech Notes JLAB-TN-02-012:

BigBite Chamber center position are surveyed with laser markers and a hand held laser meter. Error could be between 1mm to 5mm.

  • Center of 1st Chamber Outer Aluminum Plate in BigBite Target Coordinate System:
    • X= -0.072m
    • Y= unknown
    • Z= 2.862m
  • Bigbite Magnetic in BigBite Target Coordinate System:
    • Front Shielding Plate @Z=1.154m
    • At Beam Height, Edge of Bigbite Coil at Detector Side @Z=2.46m

Oct. 28, 2008

  • This is the date on the survey report: Media:DT_A1191.pdf. The actual survey was done closer to Oct. 14th.


o The electron detector stack was moved 9cm closer to the target on Oct. 24th.  That change is not reflected in this survey.