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* [[Starting CODA for shift workers]]
* [[Starting CODA for shift workers]]
* [[Timing shift GMn]]
* [[Timing shift GMn]]
* [[media:GENII-CODA_update_(3).pdf | GEnII CODA update]]
* [[media:GENII-CODA_update_(3).pdf | GEnII CODA update]] - the planned updates to CODA 3 configurations from the GMn to GEnII.

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This section's purpose is to compile and organize the documentation on the BigBite trigger and DAQ:

Trigger specific:

The source files should be utilized as follows:

  • download the source on your computer
  • in your web browser, open https://draw.io
  • The page will prompt you to create a new diagram or open an existing file: choose open the file and browse the source you want to read on your computer.
  • You can now edit the source and modify the diagrams.