Building the Analyzer and BigBite libs from CVS (d2n)

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Here's how I set-up an analyzer on my Debian 'Lenny' distribution

 I use bash and vim like all right-minded people :-p
 The Transversity wiki also has lots of good info:
 Off Line Analysis for transversity
  • Install ROOT (if you haven't already)
 % apt-get install root-system
  • Download and build the analyzer and the d2n replay code
 % mkdir d2n_analysis
 % cd d2n_analysis
 % wget -nd
 % chmod a+x pull_cvs
  • This script sets the appropriate CVS variables and pulls the d2n/ and analyzer/ branches
 % ./pull_cvs
  • You should now have two new directories
 % ls -F
 analyzer/  d2n/  pull_cvs*
  • Copy and edit the file. You should update the 'd2n' path at least. 'd2n' needs to point to the directory that you called ./pull_cvs from (ie. which contains the 'analyzer/' and 'd2n/' directories.
 % cp d2n/ .
 % vim
  • Source the file to set the environment variables
 % source
  • Build the base analyzer
 % (cd analyzer && make)
  • Build the BigBite and replay code
 % (cd d2n && ./makeall)
  • Now move into the default replay directory
 % cd d2n/replay/
  • Set up symlinks
 The following directories should all be replaced with symlinks
 that all point to an appropriate work disk that is NOT in your $HOME
 directory.  (Your sys-admin and backup software will thank you for it.)
  • Now you should be able to run the analyzer as you normally would
NOTE:  The environment variables in '' need to be
       set properly or the analyzer will not work.  I put the
       script in $HOME/bin and then source it in my .bashrc.

Some Miscellaneous config instructions

  • Configure env variables to point to ROOT, etc
 If you're not on a JLab CUE system, you may need to edit and source the the
 '' file.  The settings in the file work for my debian 'lenny'
 distribution.  YMMV.
  • Problem building the BigBite specific libraries in the transversity/ branch
 If you see a 'atoi' undefined error when compiling bigbitelib then add the
 following line to the include list in 'BBDecData.cxx' and recompile.
 #include <stdlib.h>
 This fix is in the 'd2n' CVS branch.  (22 June 2009, BDS)