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Main Computer


located at Test Lab - CDet test area.


  • To run msql
    • -> /site/coda/2.6.2/Linux/bin/msqld


  • et_strat
  • platform
  • coda_eb_rc3
  • coda_er_rc3
  • rcgui
  • coda_roc_rc3

Simply, use "startcoda" to start CODA and "kcoda" to kill existing CODA.

crl files

located at /home/adaq/crl

Port Server

Portserver: cdetts2

  • To connect port server and boo the ROC
    • telnet cdetts2 2004

But, at the moment we use sbs1 to boot the ROC

  • ssh sbs1 (need password)
  • telnet cdetts2 2004

Sometime, boot parameters are not saved or corrupted. Here are the boot parameters, we are currently using.

boot device          : dc
unit number          : 0 
processor number     : 0 
host name            : sbs1
file name            : /site/coda/kern/5.5/vx2400_v2
inet on ethernet (e) :
host inet (h)        :
user (u)             : adaq
ftp password (pw)    : Gmp!2018
flags (f)            : 0x20 
target name (tn)     : sbsvme6
startup script (s)   : /home/adaq/vxworks/sbsvme6_sbs2.boot

Test crate

  • CPU: sbsvme6
  • ROC: roc6
  • Boot script: /home/adaq/vxworks/sbsvme6_sbs2.boot
  • In the run control GUI (use startcoda to open the GUI)
    • Expid: cdetfb
    • Session: cdetfb1
    • configuration:cdet_test1 (go to cedit to find more details)
  • crl: /home/adaq/crl/cdet_test2.crl