CODA Software Setup

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CODA Installation

We are running CODA version 2.5. In the end, a tarball was created from the /site/coda/2.5 directory, and installed on as /usr/local/coda/2.5

There were two changes that were made to this after installation:

  1. The file /usr/local/coda/2.5/.setup was renamed to /usr/local/coda/2.5/coda.setup
  2. The file /usr/local/coda/2.5/Linux-rhe/bin/rcServer.bc was renamed (overwriting the original) /usr/local/coda/2.5/Linux-rhe/bin/rcServer

In addition the codausersetup script was installed in the gep5 home directory, and modified accordingly. This script is sourced from ~gep5/.cshrc

The directories /home/gep5/CODA and /home/gep5/CODA/data were created.

Additional Installation

Three additional tar files were installed (they are in /home/gep5/coda25_tarfiles)

1. cdev

Installed cdev_1.7.5.tar.gz under /usr/local/cdev_1.7.5

2. cmlog

Installed cmlog_21.tar.gz under /usr/local/cmlog/2.1. Then, made a softlink to this from /usr/local/CMLOG

3. x86-linux

Installed x86-linux.tar (contains powerpc compilers, etc.) under /usr/local/gnu/x86-linux, and added this directory to the path in .cshrc

codausersetup script

echo Setting up coda 2.5 on $HOST
setenv CODA /usr/local/coda/2.5
source $CODA/coda.setup

# Point to msqld on my host
setenv MSQL_HOME /home/gep5/msql

# My database/session
setenv EXPID gep5test
setenv SESSION gep5test

# CMLOG browser (cmlog) setup file
setenv CMLOG_CONFIG /home/gep5/CODA/cmlogrc

# broadcast message port must match that in /usr/local/CMLOG/cmlog.config
setenv CMLOG_PORT 8102

# User specific env variables
setenv CODA_DIRECTORY /home/gep5/CODA
setenv CODA_DATA /home/gep5/CODA/data

setenv PATH /usr/local/gnu/x86-linux/bin:${PATH}