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current list

update 2013/09/13 by Zhiwen Zhao

update 2013/05/23 by Zhiwen Zhao

created 2010/12 by Zhiwen Zhao and Pengjia Zhu

in target lab

  • upstair
  kenvins KRAmer 12A107
  Sysiphos (1720) (return 2011/10 from Duke)
  40cm C1720 Pablum he3 cell (return 2011/10 from Duke,lend to Duke 2012/03)
  40cm C1720 Ref cell (return 2011/10 from Duke)
  40cm GE180 Ref cell (return 2011/10 from Duke)
  Stephanie (goes to Temple on 2013/05/23)
  • downstair
Cell ID Status
He3 Boris
He Dominic Active
He3 Proteus Active
Water ice cone Mike Poseidon
He3 Protovec-1 In use

in storage

  • radioactive
big white box (most active)
  Reference Cell GE180 Shoup
  GMA REF.Cell 12/1/08
  GMB 40cm Reference Cell 10/1/01
  BRADY 3.0" Trans Vert 90-deg
  Cell Maureen (Todd 6/7/10)
  Samantha cell(Ay/d2n experiment)
  Moss cell(GE180 Mike cell, GEn style, K/Rb hybrid (5:1))
  Proteus 5/26/03 for saGDH
  Broken Penelope: 08/05/2003 C1720 40cm
  1 unknown cell 40cm (box label: Xiaochao)
big black box #3 
  fibers (ocean optic 1mm, laser fiber: most of them are broken), cables, trash box etc
  two Tungsten blocks ?
  3He Cell(In Beam) Astralweeks(unmounted) (active) 10/24/08
  Dominic 05/01/07
  • non-radioactive
big black box #1 ( mostly 3He cell, some water/ref cell)
  Gen Ref cell "GMA" ( has mark "A" on it )
  "Mike" cell 2/21/2006
  Eva hybrid 40cm, filled 8/10/05
  G180 (willy) Veronica ice coned
  Zoe left sided ice cone 3He cell
  Bronhlda (Brunnhilde?) 40cm 3He
  W&M #9 Queen Mary 8/1/03 JP
  unknown 3 ref cell in small box
  water cell from mike
  Ge180 Gen style large (Barbara, 19% moe percent Rb in K, 20:1 pulled off Arp.9 2005))
  patton mike ice cone 6/11/03 1720 JP
  "AL" the target cell
  Gen Geometry Rb only (Gee Wie)

big black box #2 (water/reference cell)
  pyrex water cell (willy@Uva April 2003)
  Pushkin C1720 Icecone ref cell
  Gen style water cell (small)
  "old reference cell box" ( old reference cell, two ice cone ref cell 
  Alex C1720 standard thin water ref cell
  Ref cell used in A1n/g2n (summer 2001)
  "2 water cell box" (2 water cell 3/20/2007, 1 unknown water cell)
  ref cell #2 25cm 06/11/01
  25cm water cell 9/13/01
  1 "pink diode" 

Mar 2009 by JP

Target cell inventory by JP Chen @ Mar 17, 2010
  • Cells Inside the Cabinet
    • Sally
    • Zoe (Left Side Icecone)
    • Queen Mary (W&M #9) 8/01/03
    • Patton (Mike) IceCone c1720, 6/1/03
    • 2x25cm Ref Cell
    • Water Cell
    • 1st water cell Ronn Mike Poseidon
    • Ref Cell (no label outside)
    • (1 old laser)
  • Outside the Cabinet - Bottom Corner
    • GEE WEE (Gen Cell, Rb Only)
    • 40cm C1720 Pablum he3 cell -> Duke Univ
    • 40cm C1720 Ref cell -> Duke Univ
    • 40cm GE180 Ref cell -> Duke Univ
    • 2 icecone ref cells
    • Eva Hybrid 40cm cell, filled 8/10/05
    • 2 water cells, 3/20/2007
    • A1n/g2n ref cell (Used) summer 2001 Received at UVA 3/2002
    • Veronica GE180 (Wily) ice cone
    • GEN Ref Cell "GMA" (Mike) 2/21/2006
    • He3 Cell : "Hamlet" 90Degree Pull off 3 PC K/Pb 7/16/2007 8.5amg
    • Pushkin C1720 Icecone Ref Cell
    • "Al" the cell
    • GEn Style water cell, small PC, willy, GE180
    • Old Ref Cell (ice cone)
    • Pyrex water cell (Willy) 4/2003
    • Archie (W&M) 5/30/2007 42Degree K/Rb 7.73 amg
    • Russel (W&M) 10/9/2007 Ay K/Rb 7.62 amg

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