Compton Counting DAQ Software HOWTO

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CODA scripts

These scripts are located in compton@compton2:$HOME/bin/

Frontend scripts to use on compton@compton2


  • executes each CODA component (platform, rcgui, PEB, all ROCs) in a separate xterm


  • kills and restarts the PEB and ROCs. The xterms are not killed with this script.


  • kills all CODA components

Backend scripts, called by the frontend scripts


  • script that restarts an ssh connection if it is closed.


  • script that launches coda_emu_peb. restarts it when it is killed.


  • script that uses remote_vme to launch on acomp1


  • script that uses remote_vme to launch on hallcvtp

  • script on acomp1, hallcvtp that launches coda_roc with a ROC name determined from it's hostname.

  • kills off ROC_acomp1, ROC_hallcvtp, and coda_roc on acomp1 and hallcvtp.

Useful stand-alone programs


/home/coda/3.10/linuxvme/ti/test/tiLibTest <TI slot number>

  • Test triggering capabilities of the local TI.
- Puts the local TI in master mode (with no slaves).
- Accepts triggers either from Front Panel TSinputs or Internal Random Pulser


/home/coda/3.10_i686/linuxvme/Linux-i686/bin/vme_display <VME Address> <read size in bytes>

  • Display the read value of specified size from the specified VME address.
- Run without arguments for usage


/home/coda/3.10_i686/linuxvme/Linux-i686/bin/vme_modmem <VME Address> <read/write size in bytes>

  • Modify the value of specified size of the specified VME address.
- Run without arguments for usage

Machines in use


  • NFS server for coda and a-compton home directory.
  • CODA and hardware drivers in /home/coda/


  • DAQ Computer (RunControl, Event Building)


  • VME Controller
  • 'root' login
  • Slots 3: fADC250
  • Slots 13-16: vetroc
  • Slot 21: TI


  • VTP in Switch Slot B
  • 'root' login

Updated/Cloned New repos in /home/acompdaq/src/

github links (team:coda-user):

CODA environment setup script

Using BASH, source the environment setup script:

source ${HOME}/env/setupCODA

Stuff to finish

compton daq account

  • Update /etc/passwd on relevant OS's
  • Update id/gid permission settings on relevant directories.

Log CODA runs to logbook


$CODA/Linux-i686/bin/remex <remexHost> <function call>

  • Execute a function call on the specified remote Host
- Run without arguments for usage