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EDet DAQ Cable Maps

TI Signal
TS#6 Helicity
TS#1-5 VTP output
TRG Unknown
FADC Signal
Ch.1 Photon detector
Ch.2 MPS
Ch.3 Helicity
Ch.4 Pulser
Scaler Signal
Ch.1 MPS
Ch.2 Clock
Ch.3 2AY-
Ch.4 2AY+
Ch.5 2AX-
Ch.6 2AX+
Discriminators Cable VECTROC
A-Left-Top AL4 A-Left-Bottom
A-Left-Bottom AL3 A-Left-Top
A-Right-Top AR4 A-Right-Bottom
A-Right-Bottom AR3 A-Right-Top
B-Left-Top BL4 B-Left-Bottom
B-Left-Bottom BL3 B-Left-Top
B-Right-Top BR2 B-Right-Bottom
B-Right-Bottom BR1 B-Right-Top
C-Left-Top CL2 D-Left-Bottom
C-Left-Bottom CL3 D-Left-Top
C-Right-Top CR2 D-Right-Bottom
C-Right-Bottom CR1 D-Right-Top
D-Left-Top DL2 C-Left-Bottom
D-Left-Bottom DL1 C-Left-Top
D-Right-Top DR2 C-Right-Bottom
D-Right-Bottom DR1 C-Right-Top