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Most of the information can be found in the vncviewer running on compton-old. To connect to it from compton@compton-old :

vncviewer compton-old:005

On compton@compton-old we can also bring up the stripcharts (these have most of the variables you will care about) by running:


The DAQ is running on the compton@compton account. See webpage for instructions.

Alternatively you can run the JTabs tool from compton@compton using:

compton@compton$ NewTools

and that has a strip tool built into it.

Things to keep an eye on

  • If you see something odd always log it first.
  • The background rates (strip variable ComptonCentralRate when the laser is off). Ideally the value should be about an order of magnitude lower when the laser is off compared to the laser on state and should be stable as a function of time. If this is not the case (for example see elog at around minute 50:
    • If this happens during the day contact the RC and see about getting some time to reduce the background
    • If this happens during off hours (late at night for example) call the shift crew and inform them of the situation. The DVCS experts should be aware of the situation and should make a call as to whether they are ok with this level of background.
  • The power inside the cavity (strip variable COMPTON_PW1PCAV_ca). This should be stable under normal conditions and if *large fluctuations (>10%) are observed either Ciprian or Dave should be called/informed*.


  • To connect to the power strip for the amplifier:
compton@compton$ firefox &
go to: cptps3 (username: compton)
device management -> controls -> IPG fiber amplifier
when rebooting give it 1-2 minutes to completely shut off before trying to restart it