Compton FADC DAQ

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The Compton FADC DAQ is a new photon detector DAQ which is in the commissioning process. This page explains how to run this DAQ.

Getting Started

In a terminal window, log onto


(The password for the apar account is posted in the counting room.)

You will need two open terminal windows logged into apar@adaql6.

In the first terminal window, type

  rcServer &

In the second terminal window (after typing the rcServer command), type

  runcontrol &

A standard runcontrol GUI will pop up. Click "Connect" and then "Configure." Choose fadcScaler from the pull-down menu.

After configuring to fadcScaler, click "Download" and then "Start Run." Once the run is finished, end with "End Run" and start again.

Please avoid the "Abort" button, as this is buggy and prevents EPICS data from being written to file. If you do have to click "Abort," please kill coda (using the kcoda command) and start again.

Please make a HALOG post with the run number when you start a run.


Pressing the Abort Button

If it is necessary to press the "Abort" button, please kill coda (using the kcoda command) and start again.

Locked Out of Runcontrol GUI

After typing the runcontrol command, you may see a message telling you that someone else is running the runcontrol GUI and you are locked out. If this happens, please use the following command instead:

   $CODA_BIN/runcontrol &

ROC1 Not Responding

If ROC1 is not responding, you can telnet to the crate:

   telnet hatsv5 2005

and type "reboot" to reboot the crate. If you cannot access the crate through telnet, you can do a remote reboot via the web. Go to hareboot4 and use the interface to cycle power to Outlet 7. The user name is hlauser and the password is posted in the Hall A counting room.