Compton Photon Detector

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Information necessary to physically move the detector table.

The Compton Photon Detector table.

Compton GUI:

Find JTabs on compton@compton:

  1. In compton@compton: type NewTools from the home directory. Pulls up a small OPS menu.
  2. Click on it. Go to EDM Hall A. Find JTabs Hall A.
  3. Start JTabs. Go to Hall A --> Compton --> Controls --> brings up an EDM window.
  4. Look at the right bottom of the chicane configuration: there should be a button for "calorimeter". Left click it to open control window.

Usually, it'll only be Y that needs to be moved. To move the table, check that:

  • "ERR AK" (error acknowledge) for x,y is green.
  • The y button in the middle box is green.

Note: the vertical max is 39.99 mm!! The nominal X, Y: 69.9mm, 24.4mm.

Note: Recently added offset that brings +5mm to the Y to compensate for optics table offset.


The lockout position is the same as the home position (poor design).

To jog it by hand away from the home position:

  1. Remove the floor tile against the wall next to the Compton computer. Find the Compton control: small beige box with controls. (other box is a killswitch and says so; do not touch!).
  2. Activate the box (turn it on: bottom right switch), or it won't do anything. The red light may or may not come on when you do this (LED is dying).
    • You can activate the "shift" switch to use functions with a preceding "s".
  3. Toggle the table up just barely by flicking the switch up, then right back down.
    • Theoretically, the JTabs controls should be working. If not, check that there are no errors in the GUI (or at least 'acknowledge' them). You can also use the control to manually bring the table back to its home position, if you suspect it isn't already. In either case, the table won't move unless the middle set of buttons are green (for the direction you wish to move it in).
  4. Make sure to switch the box back off when you are finished, and replace with controls' switch face up so there's no accidental toggling.

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