Controlling HV on Left HRS

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Login to adaqsc as aslow

          ssh -X adaqsc -l aslow

password same as "adaq" (similar to "adev" but replace 12gev by 12daq)

Then "cd slowc" and
[aslow@adaqsc slowc]$ ./hvs LEFT

You might need to turn on the crate if it's not already on.

For reasons not entirely clear, sometimes the server does not work. This server runs on rpi8. The awkward but sure way to recover is

login to rpi8
       ssh -X rpi8 -l pi 
I can't say the pw here, but its the same as on other rpi's.
       sudo reboot
After a few minutes, log in again and
It will print a lot of stuff.  Leave it.
Then on adaq1 as aslow, do the start procedure mentioned above.
      cd slowc
      ./hvs LEFT