Cosmics in TEDf

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Currently running with cosmics in TEDf (Feb 2021). Set up:

  • 89 bars
  • 2 CAEN v1190 TDCs (recording time information from all 180 channels)
  • 2 v792 QDCs (recording charge information from subsets of 64 channels at a time)
  • 12 NINO cads operating with AGILENT PSU and operating with internal threshold set by potentiometer on cards
  • HV supplied by CAEN SY1527N main frame equipped with A1932A HV modules (4 necessary, 4 spare).

Details on ROC and coda3 setup etc to be added here:

Details of running coda and analysis on tedbbdaq machine:

  • account is bbhodo
  • To run coda:
  • To run analysis scripts: