Crate resets

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  • CAEN crate'
    • ssh sbs-onl@intelbbmpd
    • type minicom, if error do a "killall minicom" wait a minute and try again
    • tyoe CAEN
    • choose c
    • turn off and on the crate
    • exit from menu

  • Portservers
    • bbps1
      • port 3 sbsvtp1
      • port 4 sbsvtp3
    • The INFN low voltage is accessible by browser. This low voltage control has two channels: channel 1 controlslayer J0, and channel 2 controls layer J2. The operation manual for the low voltage power supply, whichincludes a remote control command list, can be found: CPX400DP.The following instructions can be usedto access the INFN low voltage power supply:1. Open a firefox browser (from network)2. In address bar, type: (for BigBite LV supply)3. Click on Instrument Control4. TypeOPALL 0to turn off. TypeOPALL 1to turn on